Ex-Saker Students Association (ExSSA-UK)

Ex-Sakerettes Students Association UK

Ex Sakerettes Association Charity 1158298

In June 2013 EXSSA UK created a charitable arm.

The Ex Sakeettes Association Charity was registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales on 20 August 2014. the Charity Registration number is 1158298 and it is governed by its Charitable Trust Deed. The charity operates through out England and Cameroon
Advancement of education; Relief of Financial Hardship; Community and capacity Building
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To advance the welfare, prestige and educational facilities of Saker Baptist college in Cameroon and its alumna.
To promote the education of Sakerettes (pupils of Saker Baptist College) by financially supporting those who cannot afford to stay in education through scholarships for students.
To foster a spirit of solidarity, unity, sisterhood and better social integration of Ex-Saker Students (also known as EXSSANS) residing in the U.K.
Providing some financial support to EXSSANS in the U.K who are unable to support themselves due to unemployment, bereavement or other reasons.
To establish, empower and encourage these group of women, the EXSSANS, Sakerettes and their immediate families based in Cameroon and UK, to fully integrate themselves in society especially those residing within the socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

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