An ExSSA region consists of a defined geographical location mandated by the National Executive Council of ExSSA UK. ExSSA UK currently has 5 Regions

Subscribing to ExSSA UK allows you to become a member of the region where you live. In other to become a regional member you must first be a registered ExSSA UK national member. In addition to the ExSSA UK constitution which is binding to all members, each Region is governed by its own Rules and Regulations. Regional members benefit from immediate localised support, contribution as per the Regions rules and regulations.

To join a Region please send an email to or contact the region directly

NORTH: President: Dr Playne Agbor Ebai

MIDLANDS: President: Cynthia Asuagbor

LONDON: President: Edith Fielding Soyombo

SOUTH: President: Jayne Agbor Tabot

MEMBERS AT LARGE: Dr Doreen Mbuagbaw McGough

Are you a former student of Saker Baptist College and wish to join ExSSA UK?

You don’t have to be a registered member to attend the regional meetings or national meetings. If you will like to attend the next meeting please contact or contact the region directly