Ex-Saker Students Association (ExSSA-UK)

Ex-Sakerettes Students Association UK

Our Values

We aim to fulfil our mission through programs and community service projects in the UK and in Cameroon, designed to nurture, foster solidarity, foster learning, network and enrich the living experiences and wellness of students in Saker Baptist College as well as ExSSA UK Members. Our Love, Unity and Sisterhood motto embodies us to embrace, appreciate, inspire and enhance the lives of those we support.

Our Mission

To foster a Caring Community, encouraging better social integration amongst Exssans in the UK;
To foster a Spiritual Wellness celebrating the richness and traditions of Saker Baptist Collge through music, sporting activities, affinity and sisterhood;
To foster an association that embraces the philosophy and values of Love Unity and Sisterhood, a legacy bestowed by Saker Baptist college to all its students;
To foster a learning Support promoting life-long education, innovation and resource development in Saker Baptist College.

Our Vision

To have an alumni association that provides Educational, Spiritual and Community involvement activities;
To foster and promote the ideals of Christian womanhood in the home, church and everywhere;
To have an alumni association that Unites, Strengthens, Supports its members;
To have an alumni association which is devoted to enrichment of the ideals

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