Thank you for considering joining ExSSA UK. If you an Ex-Sakerette, committed to success, determined to contribute to ExSSA UK Activities, driven to support your fellow sisters and contribute to the improvement of Saker Baptist College, you are welcome to network with illustrious trailblazers and quintessential Ladies!

An ExSSA UK Membership is a life time opportunity! As a member of ExSSA UK, you will benefit from the following:
Reliable and consistent support from your fellow sisters Unbeatable access to a network of resourceful, professional women with shared background Opportunities to give back to your Alma Mater, Saker Baptist College, Limbe Prospects to cheer and celebrate one another Undertake charitable acts to benefit your wider Community in the UK


Membership Eligibility to ExSSA UK is open to all individuals who subscribe to the objectives, purpose and principles of ExSSA UK and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • A graduate (including High School component) of Saker Baptist College Limbe, Cameroon, living in or around the United Kingdom.
  • A former student of Saker Baptist College, Limbe, Cameroon living in and around the United Kingdom.
  • “Collective Energy”
  • “Immeasurable Support”
  • “Inspiring Relationships”
  • “Pride of Belonging”
  • “Growth Mentality”
  • “Extraordinary Ambience”‚Äč

A former student is any individual who was admitted and attended Saker Baptist College regardless of their duration and / or graduation status.
Eligibility to participate in all ExSSA UK official proceedings is contingent upon full payment of all fees and applicable dues as stipulated by the ExSSA UK Constitution.

  • “Melodious Singing”
  • “Social Connectedness”
  • “Espirit de corps”
  • “Community Service”
  • “Networking Opportunities”
  • “Acclaimed Plaudits”

Types of Memberships

Regular Membership

Regular Membership is conferred on any Ex-Sakerette who subscribes to the Objectives, Purpose and Principles of ExSSA UK and meet one or more of the Eligibility criteria.
Membership status of an Ex-Sakerette is determined by the their Eligibility, Registration, Participation (active participation in ExSSA UK activities (on an individual and / or Regional basis)) and is up to date with their membership dues and obligations.

Membership at Large

Membership at large is conferred to any Ex-Sakerette who fulfils the criteria for Regular Membership but do not belong to a Region due to lack of minimum number of required members in their defined geographic location or as a result of distance.
Contact the Members-at-Large Representative.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership shall be conferred to any Sakerette or non Sakerette upon application and approval by the National Executive Council (NEC), who have by their industry and benevolence contributed to the general welfare of Saker Baptist College and/or ExSSA UK. Honorary members shall be exempted from paying ExSSA UK dues or fees but may on election make a voluntary donation, gift or legacy. Honorary Members includes:

  • Present and former Faculty & Administrative Staff of Saker Baptist College;
  • Spouses of Sakerettes (alias Saker Cats)
  • Family Members of Sakerettes (Parents, Siblings, Children (Carats) and Spouse).

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