Ex-Saker Students Association (ExSSA-UK)

Ex-Sakerettes Students Association UK


ExSSA UK is committed to safeguarding the spiritual and temporal welfare of its members and advancing the infrastructure of Saker Baptist College. We have set ourselves various targets over the years with the aim of advancing the well-being and temperament of the lives of current Sakerettes are educationally, spiritually and morally advanced.


Maintenance of the Sanitary Facilities of Saker Baptist College

The Sanitary facilities require routine maintenance and renovation to bring it to the 21st Century. Saker still has pit toilets and because of the limited water supply (it is located on a hill), the current toilets and wash-rooms are barely functional.

We require your assistance as we embark on the task of maintaining the current facilities!

Update on EXSSA UK Fundraising towards this initiative

Thanks to our Patrons and Donors we have successfully made two shipments of Septic Digest Chemicals supplied by Emerald Africa Ltd to Saker Baptist College to maintain the sanitary (4 blocks of toilets & washrooms which consists of 3x pit latrine tanks and septic tank) facilities.

Septic Digest (SepticDigest MSDS No: 0058) is a high strength bacterial concentrate specifically cultured and blended to degrade waste materials in septic tanks. It is a naturally occurring soil biocatalyst containing proprietary organic biodegradable materials and soda ash

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