Ex-Saker Students Association (ExSSA-UK)

Ex-Sakerettes Students Association UK

ExSSA UK Leadership

Ms Mantina Njie Ntuba

“I reluctantly accepted the unanimous vote as President of this prestigious and dynamic association.

It has been an amazing journey, so far to lead and inspire the ExSSA UK quintessential Ladies ‘Working with One mind‘ to aid and benefit not just our Alma mater, Saker Baptist College, but to have an impact in our adopted country, UK.

Thank YOU for the support that has made it all possible! We will continue to soar, Sakerettes do it Best”!

Long live – ExSSA UK,
Long live – Love, Unity & Sisterhood,

Meet The ExSSA Executives

Vice President
Mrs Karen Tarke Eban

President Emeritius
Ms Irene Tamajong

President MAL Auditor
Dr Doreen Mbuagbaw

Financial Secretary
Ms Hannah Yoti Mofa

Vice Financial Secretary
Mrs Clementine Agbor

Chief Whip
Mrs Doris Orock Ebai

Vice Chief Whip
Mrs Pamela Macaulay

Ms Mantina Njie Ntuba

Music & Pastoral Care
Mrs Frida Ngum Tamfu

Vice Music & Pastoral Care
Mrs Dora Ekiko Enow

Ms Martine Mbida

Publicity Secretary
Mrs Dialle Mofa Takang

Vice Publicity & Media
Ms Joyce Mbengashu

President North
Dr Playne Agbor Ebai

President Midlands
Mrs Melvis Mangwa

President South
Mrs Janet Agbor Tabot

President London
Mrs Edith Fielding Soyombo

Trusted Trustee
Mrs Irene Molulu Shupo

Trusted Trustee
Mr Julian Tabi Ebai

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