Ex-Saker Students Association (ExSSA-UK)

Ex-Sakerettes Students Association UK

About Us

ExSSA UK, an integral part of the Ex Sakerettes Association (ExSSA), stands as a beacon of love, unity, and sisterhood in the United Kingdom. As a registered charity (No. 1158298), we are a vibrant community of former students of the prestigious Saker Baptist College (SBC) in Limbe, Cameroon. Our mission is to foster connections among alumnae in the UK, supporting each other while contributing to the betterment of our beloved school and broader communities.

Our Leadership

Our organization is led by a dedicated team of alumnae who are committed to advancing our mission and fostering a supportive network. Our leadership includes:

  • President Emeritus: Ms. Irene Tamajong
  • President (London): Mrs. Edith Fielding Soyombo
  • President (North): Dr. Playne Agbor Ebai
  • Vice President: Mrs. Karen Tarke Eban
  • President: Ms. Mantina Njie Ntuba
  • President (South): Mrs. Janet Agbor Tabot


In ExSSA UK, love is our cornerstone, guiding us to act with compassion and empathy. It fuels our commitment to support each other and our alma mater, Saker Baptist College, nurturing a community where every member feels valued and respected.


Unity in ExSSA UK means standing together as one. Despite our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we unite under the shared goal of uplifting our community and alma mater. Together, we are stronger and can achieve greater impacts.


Our sisterhood in ExSSA UK transcends geographical boundaries, creating a bond that lasts a lifetime. It's a promise of mutual support, encouragement, and understanding, ensuring no one walks their path alone. In sisterhood, we find strength and inspiration.

About ExSSA UK

Founded on the historic day of June 30th, 1995, during a memorable plenary session in London, ExSSA UK stands as a beacon of sustainable philanthropy and Christian womanhood. Our association is continually evolving and expanding, with a presence in regions across the United Kingdom. We are a distinguished group of ladies celebrated for our passion for singing, our dynamic contribution to God’s cause, and our advocacy for righteousness at home, in the church, and in every facet of life.

The roots of our sisterhood trace back to Saker Baptist College, a place that was more than just an educational institution for natives of Cameroon. It welcomed students from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Namibia, America, and the United Kingdom, creating a diverse and unique sisterhood. ExSSA UK offers every Sakerette the chance to be part of a global network of women who share common interests and beliefs, forge lasting friendships, and enhance the welfare and prestige of our alma mater, Saker Baptist College.

Our conventions are crafted with dual goals in mind: to raise funds for our chosen projects at Saker and to nurture a spirit of love, unity, and sisterhood among us. These gatherings are crucial for promoting better social integration among Saker’s numerous graduates, spanning many generations. The events we organize aim to recreate the spirit of camaraderie and collective experience that defined our time at Saker. ExSSA UK embodies a commitment to advancing the causes we hold dear while celebrating the bonds that unite us across continents and cultures.

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